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With over 20 years of successful medical device product experience behind us, In’Tech Medical has learned to identify, adopt and master the technologies that can make a difference to our customers in terms of performance, quality, reproducibility, deadlines and production costs.

We offer different levels of solutions to help you run a more successful business :

Our programs range from custom packaging/labeling of your products to shared management of your stock.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

With a VMI in place, In’Tech Medical has a direct insight (via third party software or a shared spreadsheet) into customer’s inventory levels, allowing us to dynamically allocate manufacturing resources to ensure a continuous supply on specific implants or instruments. This typically integrates consumption and anticipated forecast (product launch in new region, etc).

A VMI is typically implemented to simplify the replenishment process : Buyer and In’Tech Medical agree to acceptable inventory minimum and maximum threshold. This optimizes both the time and cost of inventory tracking and administration, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that the components you need will be replenished at the right time and in the right amount

The benefits on our end are an automatic anticipation of your needs, allowing us to optimize and continuously assess production scheduling vs. day-to-day load.


Dock-to-stock Program

The dock-to-stock program is a receiving method whereby instruments are delivered directly to point of use (stock or distribution center), skipping the “regular” receiving inspection.

This process allows you to offload redundant inspection steps which have already been performed upon final control at In’Tech Medical, both saving you time and cost. Our customer would typically share his own control plan then come on-site to train and qualify In’Tech Medical personnel to ensure all functional steps are done in accordance to control plan.

Lots we deliver are still subject to random lot inspections to ensure inspection plans are performed as intended.


Kitting Program

Kitting is the ultimate offering we provide as a One-Stop-Shop.

As a manufacturer, not only will we work with you to machine your instruments with highest quality. We will also go the extra mile to pull together all the right components for your system and package them into trays, ready to go.

The kitting program consists in offloading most of your sourcing challenges, ensuring you are not being charged for incomplete trays lying in inventory due to delayed delivery of a single SKU, preventing you from releasing these to market.

Kitting provides a number of benefits, including reducing amount of purchase orders and vendors to manage, streamlining your everyday communications. In’Tech Medical provides you with a true One-Stop-Shop approach by offering to source everything from your tray to your custom-handles, conducting all required incoming inspection on these items. With that in mind, Kitting is often combined with Dock-to-Stock to allow faster delivery of product to market.

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