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The Prototype Garage

Powered by In’Tech Medical, the Prototype Garage is a standalone rapid prototyping cell at the heart of In'Tech Medical's standard production process to ensure fast delivery of production-equivalent, high-quality orthopedic instruments and implants.

As a tribute to how original product designs started in the old days—literally, in a garage, and combined with our team’s love for music, The Prototype Garage takes In’Tech Medical’s signature one-stop-shop approach to the next level, providing our clients with our trademark savoir faire in a rapid-delivery setting.

Our extensive know-how in orthopedic machining and assembly, along with state-of-the-art equipment (CNC 5-axis Turning & Milling Centers as well as Wire- and RAM-EDM etc.), work in harmony as a comprehensive and integrated industry solution for fast-turnaround prototypes.


We're The Key
Integrated in your System’s V&V Process

The Prototype Garage’s ability to combine the manufacturing of prototypes with a proven expertise in V&V Processes (Verification & Validation) makes In’Tech Medical the ideal partner for Medical Device organizations looking to obtain regulatory approval of a new technology with production-equivalent prototypes.

Surgery Ready Prototypes
Allows full traceability.

In order to meet FDA regulations (i.e. 510(k)), ISO, and other industry standards, device designs must be documented and tested. Our process-driven team produces the prototypes to specs and supplies each customer with required documentation (CofC, material and HT certs, inspection records etc.) serving the complete regulatory needs of the medical device industry.

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