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Angled driver

The revolutionary low profile angled driver allows a use in the most confined spaces. Its tip-interchangeability is a real plus for multi-tasks application! SKU# G11 ITM 282


Silicon Handle & Radel Cap may be costumized to specific specs (color, geometry etc.) SKU# G14 ITM 171

Torque limiter adapter

The QC torque limiter module can be integrated in all your systems to get control over the torque value SKU# G04 ITM 061

Compass caliper

For your convenience get your calipers contract designed and manufactured by In'tech Medical. Functionalities Measure a length SKU# G02 ITM 043

Rotary caliper

Can be customized shape to fit with your system. Color or graduated scale. The colorful caliper will help you to pick the right size of implant with an intuitive read SKU# G02 ITM 076

Hinged compressor

This scissor style compressor has a large opening range perfect for one-level spinal fusion.

Large quick connect parallel compressor

The large size of this compressor makes it powerful with a large opening range. SKU# G06 ITM 155

Osteotomy cutting guides

These tips are used to clamp and secure the patella while shaving the bone to size. SKU# K10 ITM 159

Parallel compressor

This compressor offers a parallel motion of the distal arms for a better control during one-level spinal fusion SKU# G06 ITM 074

Parallel compressor (Ti)

The exceptional properties of Ti offers a light, yet very strong compressor. SKU# G06 ITM 127

Patella Clamp

The patella Clamp is used to grasp and clamp patella to steer it into position. SKU# K10 ITM 158

Patella Drill Guide

The drill guide is used to accurately clamp & drill patella. SKU# K10 ITM 157

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