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Radel cervical

Spinal Instruments Long Handle Radel cervical.

Silicon Handle with Impactor

silicone Handle with Impactor for surgical procedures.

Silicone Handle

Silicone Handle for surgical procedures.

Silicone Multi-function Handle

Silicone non-slip multi-purpose handle. SKU# G05 ITM 072

Slap Hammer

The slap hammer is an essential component of any revision system. SKU# G14 ITM 165

T-handle with quick connection

Handle connection for shaft to screw/unscrew without ratchet.

Torque limiter T-handle

The stout T-handle torque limiter breaks in high torque range (5 to 14 N.m) to limit maximum torque applied SKU# G04 ITM 151

TPV Straight quick connection handle

Created and designed by In'Tech Medical. SKU# G05 ITM 097

TPV quick connection T-handle

Quick connect customizable to your needs. SKU# G05 ITM 096

TPV Straight Ratcheting Quick Connection Handle

Created and designed by In'Tech Medical. SKU# G05 ITM 082

TPV ratcheting quick connection T-handle

Inner SS mechanism for long service life. SKU# G05 ITM 089

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