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Cervical rod bender

Compress the handles to easily bend your cervical rods SKU# S01 ITM 054

Curved coronal benders

The pair of in-situ coronal benders allows a final bend correction within the wound. SKU# S01 ITM 138

French rod bender

The instrument comprises of rotary cams bends all your rods in a lumbar application. SKU# S01 ITM 005

Sagittal benders

The pair of in-situ sagittal benders allows a final correction within the wound. SKU# S01 ITM 006

Powerful plate benders

The sturdy instrument allows you to accurately bend your plates to prevent from crushing teeth and cams SKU# S01 ITM 164

Cervical Plate Bender

This plate bender can either form or counter-form your plates thanks to his mirror geometry SKU# S01 ITM 020

Angled driver

The revolutionary low profile angled driver allows a use in the most confined spaces. Its tip-interchangeability is a real plus for multi-tasks application! SKU# G11 ITM 282

Cup Curette

Cup curette are used to cut, rasp or scrape bone material in the minimally invasive, extreme lateral approach to the lumbar spine.

Serrated Cup Curettes

For your convenience get your whole set of curettes contract designed & manufactured by In’tech SKU# S09 ITM 178


Silicon Handle & Radel Cap may be costumized to specific specs (color, geometry etc.) SKU# G14 ITM 171


For your convenience get your whole set of osteotomes contract designed & manufactured by In'tech Medical SKU# S09 ITM 137

Paddle distractors

For your convenience get your whole set of paddle distractors contract designed and manufactured by In'tech Medical. SKU# S03 ITM 129

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